Team Trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World

This month our team had the privilege of going to Las Vegas, NV...the Entertainment Capital of the world!  We only had one thing in mind...our clients!  We attended the Mobile Beat Disc Jockey Convention to sharpen our skills and be the very best that we can be on your special day!  Las Vegas was the 3rd major conference that our team has attended this year.  I don't say that to brag, but to say that we care!  

When we arrived, I decided to treat our team members like I would want them to treat our clients...there was a sparkle in their eye as our stretch limo pulled up to take us from the airport to the hotel.  From there, we ate at some of the finest restaurants that Vegas had to offer...took in some of the coolest shows and walked through the most expensive hotels that have ever been built!  Why do I bring this up you may ask?  Because, our business model is a "Second Mile Service" focus.  Service is a cultural foundation for Party Patrol team members...from greeting your guests to problem solving, our attention to detail and servant's heart is second to none in our business!

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